Waterlilies: Impressionism or Fauvism?

I’m finding my exploration of Fauvism very rewarding. When I began studying the works of Henri Matisse and Andre Derain, I imagined the steps they took and what they were […]

Watercolor painting of two trees in sparse green grass with yellow flowers, orange leaves surrounding them with blue angular raindrops falling from the sky.

Holding Henri Matisse’s brush

It took me about a year to really understand Fauvism. I don’t mean the basics and the history of it, no. I’m writing about the fine details in every painting. […]

Reviving a Vision

You might think: “This looks nothing like the picture!” Well you’re right. An artist should not aim to achieve realism within the first sketch. Begin working on outlines from pictures […]

About My Mission

Hi, I’m Rahil. This community is built for those who believe in art living on in different eras. I decided to base my mission on reviving art forms and specific art styles of artists that continuously inspire me everyday. I am incredibly excited to share my work with you!